With all that has been going on I haven’t had time to share my mini AAR for Sentinel Concepts Class I took this weekend in Dayton. I attended Steve Fisher’s Essential Handgun Employment class and I must say it started to bring together concepts from his Handgun Accuracy class in a way I had not have click before through the use of timed accuracy drills. This class is no “tactical band camp” of doing push-ups or other nonsense while shooting. It’s about delivering repeatable accuracy and speed on demand and from cold conditions.  Steve is able to articulate the why and not just the how, such as shooting at distance is needed because the length of the average shopping store isle is 26yds, so we need to practice at those distance we live in daily. The class was not about patting yourself on the back at 3yds, heck even the 3yds drills I felt defeated.  I ran this class with my carry G19 and very shortly in the day realized my sight selection was not setting me up for success. Night sights were distracting me when the speed picked, up plus I was not zero’ed on my windage causing me to mentally calculate a hold off while doing the drills. This is something I will correct but distracted a lot from my learning till I got to the point where I was fed up and switched to my G34 set up with black rear & FO front.  Having FO sights I started to hook up the concepts but slightly to late to pass the qualifier at the end. I highly recommend training with Steve and @sentinel_cncpts  I walked away with a note book of knowledge and a list of weak point for practice, but more importantly a way to self diagnose my issues and learn the failure points of myself and my setup. The guys I trained with were awesome and hope to train with you all again!

That class was a breakthrough for me and am happy to be on the other side of it thanks to you Steve.

Best Regards,

Jeff Detrick