Sentinel Concepts is committed to providing training that increases survivability and individual performance. Everyone wants to be a rockstar and do rockstar things. While our classes are fun they are extremely challenging both mentally and physically in order to build stronger shooters and problem solvers. Placing all ego aside, choosing the right class for you requires an honest self-evaluation of your present skill sets and desired goals.

Essential Courses

These are geared toward those with training outside the basic classes from novice to the intermediate shooter, looking to tune up some skills. Even at this early level we expect students to have an understanding of various methods of reloading, weapon manipulation and most importantly muzzle awareness and safety.

It is not uncommon for students to need to take 3-4 of these classes before they should even think about moving to an advanced course. If you are not 100% confident in your skills taught at the essential level then you should not consider moving to a critical level course. If you feel your ready to move on then talk to me at an essentials class to determine if it’s time.

Critical Courses
Requires an enhanced skill set to maintain a level of control mentally and physically while processing information and making decisions on the move.  Low light techniques and other skills including timed and graded drills and performance-based task will show you where your training is breaking down. This breakdown will allow you to determine what essential courses you may want to re-take as well as provide guidance for individual practice.

How Do I know When I’m Ready
If you have not trained with me I recommend starting in an Essentials class or contact me with previous, vetted training history.  After taking an essential course talk to me directly to see if it’s time to move on.

If you positively absolutely must be in a critical course without taking an essential level course first, understand that you will not be coddled or tolerated if you are deemed dangerous to yourself or others. Fact, I will not slow down our instruction or hold back those who worked to earn their place in class because you can’t keep up. You will be asked to leave and give the option to be recycled in an essentials program.

Essential Level Entry Expectations
Graded exercises that will help you determine if you are ready to move on to Critical classes such as the ability to score 80% or better on timed drills.

Critical Level Entry Expectations
Starting with timed scored drills cold on demand will set the pace for this class, these classes are the same standards from essential class but in half the time as a starting point. Having a strong knowledge base of your gun and its operation is key. The ability to shoot and perform on demand not only against peers, and the timer and some physical stress why doing it safely is a must.

I’m Doing This for You
At the end of the day this notice is for you, However, each of you spend money on gear, ammo, travel and registration fee’s to attend a class. My job is to make the time on the range worth the money you pay. By picking a class above your skill set you are cheating yourself of the fundamental knowledge you really need, and cheating other students out of the advanced opportunities they have earned.  Don’t let your ego get in the way of your learning.

Each class begins with a series of evaluation skills drill to determine which skill sets should be focused on as a whole. It will also determine very quickly if you have done the home and range work required to meet the basic qualifications. We look forward to seeing each of you at class!

Thank you for taking the time to read this,  Do Work.
-Steve Fisher