I took the EHE class earlier this year. Prior to that, I had taken CCW classes, armed security classes, as well as private pistol and shotgun instruction. The Sentinel Concepts class was the first class that truly challenged me.
I was a good shot prior to the class, but Steve Fisher made me realize I had fallen into the “good enough” mentality. Getting a low-left hit on a metal target sounds the same as a centered hit. While the audible reward is satisfying, my shooting ability did not improve.  Since taking the EHE class, I have focused on increasing my accuracy. Using the skills I learned, I have seen a definite improvement in my marksmanship, but I’m still unsatisfied and am working to improve my ability.
I will give a hint to prospective students: do not take a subcompact gun to this class if at all possible. Doing so will punish your hands.

Bakersfield, CA

Matthew Ruiz