AAR Program

After Action Reports or AAR’s are an important part of your training. The act of sitting down to recall the specifics of the class at home help to reinforce the lessons you learn and also serve to show you how quickly you can forget the specifics of a class after the dust settles.

In an effort to encourage our students to take the time and complete an AAR we are offering a discount program to those who take the effort to record this data.

A proper AAR should contain the following data.

  • Class Name
  • Date of Class
  • Class Location
  • Class Duration
  • Weather
  • Gear Used
    • If you’re articulate enough try to give a run down on what gear you used, WHY you used it and what you found out about it by the end of the course.
  • AAR
    • Expectations vs actual
    • What was taught
    • Round count
    • Good, bad, interesting, unusual and even the humorous events.
    • The more pertinent information you put in your AAR’s, the more others can learn from your experience.

AAR’s should be posted to:

Once you have done this email sentinelconcepts@gmail.com with links to places you posted your AAR. As a special thank you we will send you a single use 10% discount code for one class.